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Random Value

Now fill generate random value into form fields

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By Default the length of string is fixed to 6 and filter is set to all character + numbers + symbol so when you use <random> you will get random string of length 6 with mix of char + num + symbol

<random>Description (Generate Random value)
<random[.]{6}>[.] - Any Single Character {6} - no of characters 6
  • X0UN#Z
<random[.]{6,12}>[.] - Any single character {6,12} - no of characters between 6 and 12
  • Dr_5t4r
<random[a-z]{6}>[a-z] - A character in the range: a-z
  • czlvry
<random[A-Z]{6}>[A-Z] - A character in the range: A-Z
<random[\d]{6}>[\d] - A digit
  • 546544
<random[\w]{6}>[\w] - A word character
  • Ae3fFD
<random[custom]{6}>[custom] - A custom string character
  • csuotm