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Now you can perform much more than just click or fill form elements. an element referred in below table is one which is found by Xpath


DEV Now run browser default API functions or custom func from extension directly. This feature is still under development and we will provide better location to run command from action. Run one or more than one command by separating them using ;

Func methods

One important warning in advance: Malicious scripts can violate your privacy and act on your behalf!

  • You should create script own. for simpler functionality like calling a function and all.
  • If you not sure how to what all functions are available then You should only run scripts from sources you trust.


DEV Now you can paste content into input fields which are copied by extension.


DEV Now you can copy any content from webpage using copy syntax.

Copy::Description (Copy text from webpage)
Copy::[.]{6}[.] - Any Single Character {6} - no of characters 6
Copy::[.]+[.] - Any Single Character + - all characters
Copy::[a-z]{6}[a-z] - A character in the range: a-z
Copy::[A-Z]{6}[A-Z] - A character in the range: A-Z
Copy::[\d]{6}[\d] - A digit
Copy::[\w]{6}[\w] - A word character

Random Value


By Default the length of string is fixed to 6 and filter is set to all character + numbers + symbol so when you use <random> you will get random string of length 6 with mix of char + num + symbol

<random>Description (Generate Random value)
<random[.]{6}>[.] - Any Single Character {6} - no of characters 6
  • X0UN#Z
<random[.]{6,12}>[.] - Any single character {6,12} - no of characters between 6 and 12
  • Dr_5t4r
<random[a-z]{6}>[a-z] - A character in the range: a-z
  • czlvry
<random[A-Z]{6}>[A-Z] - A character in the range: A-Z
<random[\d]{6}>[\d] - A digit
  • 546544
<random[\w]{6}>[\w] - A word character
  • Ae3fFD
<random[custom]{6}>[custom] - A custom string character
  • csuotm


Attr::set::prop::valueNow update value of attribute using attribute syntax.
  • Attr::set::disabled::false <input disabled="true"> -> <input disabled="false">
  • Attr::set::target::_blank <a> -> <a target="_blank"> to open links in new tab
Attr::remove::propNow remove attribute using attribute syntax.
  • Attr::remove::disabled <input disabled="true"> -> <input>


e.g. Class::add::btn
Now add new class to element using class syntax.
  • <input class="button"> -> <input class="button btn">
e.g. Class::remove::btn
Now remove new class from element using class syntax.
  • <input class="button btn"> -> <input class="button">
e.g. Class::replace::unlike::like
Now replace one class with another to element using class syntax.
  • <span class="unlike"> -> <span class="like">
Class::clearNow remove all class of element using class syntax.
  • <input class="btn btn-primary button"> -> <input class="">

Query Param

?param=valueQuery parameters can be defined as the optional key-value pairs that appear after the question mark in the URL. Basically, they are extensions of the URL that are utilized to help determine specific content or action based on the data being delivered. Query parameters are appended to the end of the URL, using a ‘?’. The question mark sign is used to separate path and query parameters.

If you want to add multiple query parameters, an ‘&’ sign is placed in between them to form what is known as a query string. It can feature various object types with distinct lengths such as arrays, strings, and numbers.

Select Option

<select id="product-size">
  <option data-value-class="opt-35item-0" data-value-size="35" value="opt-35item-0">35</option>
  <option data-value-class="opt-36item-1" data-value-size="36" value="opt-36item-1">36</option>
  <option data-value-class="opt-37item-2" data-value-size="37" value="opt-37item-2">37</option>
  <option data-value-class="opt-38item-3" data-value-size="38" value="opt-38item-3">38</option>
  <option data-value-class="opt-39item-4" data-value-size="39" value="opt-39item-4">39</option>
  <option data-value-class="opt-40item-5" data-value-size="40" value="opt-40item-5">40</option>


Element FinderSelection
//select[@id="product-size"]/option[2]It will select second option with text as 35
//select[@id="product-size"]/option[@data-value-size="36"]It will select third option with text as 36
//select[@id="product-size"]/option[contains(@value,"opt-40")]It will select last option with text as 40
//select[@id="product-size"]/option[text()="39"]It will select last second option with text as 39
You must set the value field to true

Scroll To

ScrollTo::XPathIt will scroll the page to element.
ScrollTo::Top | ScrollTo::TopLeftIt will scroll the page to Top Left position.
ScrollTo::TopRightIt will scroll the page to Top Right position.
ScrollTo::Bottom | ScrollTo::BottomLeftIt will scroll the page to Bottom Left position.
ScrollTo::BottomRightIt will scroll the page to Bottom Right position.

Mouse Events

MouseEvents::clickIt will click the element.
MouseEvents::dblclickIt will double click the element.
MouseEvents::mousedownIt will trigger mouse down event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseupIt will trigger mouse up event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseoverIt will trigger mouse over event on element
MouseEvents::mouseoutIt will trigger mouse out event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseenterIt will trigger mouse enter event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseleaveIt will trigger mouse leave event on element.
MouseEvents::mousemoveIt will trigger mouse move event on element.
MouseEvents::["mouseover","mouseover","click"]It will stimulate mouse click on element.
MouseEvents::["mouseout","mouseleave"]It will stimulate mouse click on element.
MouseEvents::inputIt will trigger input event on element.
MouseEvents::changeIt will trigger text change event on element.
MouseEvents::["input","change"]It will stimulate text filled and update/change event on element.

Form Events

FormEvents::blurIt will trigger blur event on the element.
It removed focus from the element.
FormEvents::clickIt will click the form element.
FormEvents::focusIt will trigger focus event on the element.
FormEvents::selectIt will trigger select event on the element.
In input field and textarea it will select the text inside
FormEvents::submitIt will submit the form in which element is present.
FormEvents::clearIt will trigger clear event on the element.
It clears field value.
FormEvents::removeIt will remove element.

Key Events

KeyEvents::Example TextIt simulate typing of `Example Text` same like keyboard typing.
KeyEvents::{"value":"Example text","delay":3}It simulate typing of `Example Text` same like keyboard typing where each letter is typed with 3 sec delay.

Location Command

LocationCommand::reloadForce reloading the current page from the server.
LocationCommand::href::https://getautoclicker.comit will open in same tab
LocationCommand::replace::https://getautoclicker.comIt will open this page without maintaining history so when you click back you can come to this page again
LocationCommand::assign::https://getautoclicker.comIts similar to you click on link which open another page
LocationCommand::focusIts similar to you focus on window/page
LocationCommand::blurIts similar to you move out on window/page
LocationCommand::printIts similar to you Print (Ctrl + P) out on window/page
LocationCommand::stopIts similar to you stop window/page load
LocationCommand::moveBy::x,yIts similar to move window/page by x and y pixels
LocationCommand::moveTo::x,yIts similar to move window/page to x and y pixels
LocationCommand::open::https://getautoclicker.comIts similar to open page in new tab

Window Command

WindowCommand::closeClose current page only works if page is opened through script and not manually.
WindowCommand::focusIts similar to you focus on window/page
WindowCommand::blurIts similar to you move out on window/page
WindowCommand::printIts similar to you Print (Ctrl + P) out on window/page
WindowCommand::stopIts similar to you stop window/page load
WindowCommand::moveBy::x,yIts similar to move window/page by x and y pixels
WindowCommand::moveTo::x,yIts similar to move window/page to x and y pixels
WindowCommand::open::https://getautoclicker.comIts similar to open page in new tab
WindowCommand::cutCut selected text into clipboard
WindowCommand::copyCopy selected text into clipboard
WindowCommand::deleteDelete selected text into clipboard
WindowCommand::pastePaste text from clipboard into field
WindowCommand::selectAllSelect All text into clipboard

You can also perform more than one task in series e.g

Batch Repeat

You can get sequence value with batch repeat

e.g. In value field if you enter example<batchRepeat>

  1. Value will be example0
  2. Value will be example1
This will continue for no of batch repeat you have provided.

e.g. If batch repeat is 5 it will run till example4