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Form Events

Perform form specific events on input field and button of form.

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FormEvents::blurIt will trigger blur event on the element.
It removed focus from the element.
FormEvents::clickIt will click the form element.
FormEvents::click-onceOur program features an intelligent click behavior that ensures elements are clicked only once, if the page is not fully refreshed. Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Suppose there are five posts available on a page. If extension clicks an element once, our program registers that action. Now, if additional posts are loaded (e.g., through a “Load More” button), the program will not re-click the previously clicked posts. It intelligently avoids redundant clicks, providing a seamless user experience.

By implementing this behavior, we enhance efficiency and prevent unintended interactions. Users can confidently interact with elements without worrying about accidental double-clicks.

FormEvents::focusIt will trigger focus event on the element.
FormEvents::selectIt will trigger select event on the element.
In input field and textarea it will select the text inside
FormEvents::submitIt will submit the form in which element is present.
FormEvents::clearIt will trigger clear event on the element.
It clears field value.
FormEvents::removeIt will remove element.