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Google Sheets

Connect with your google account and fill form using google sheets data directly in iterative manner.

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Before using Google Sheets Value please do connect extension with Google Sheets and add Google Sheet ID

You can use Google Sheets A1 Notation to fetch the cell value

GoogleSheets::A1 NotationDescription (Copy cell value from Google Sheet)
GoogleSheets::Sheet1!A1Fetch the A1 Cell value from Sheet1
GoogleSheets::Sheet1!B1Fetch the B1 Cell value from Sheet1
GoogleSheets::Sheet1!C<batchRepeat>Batch Repeat is combined with this Action and for Repeat value 0, 1, ....N it fetches values from Cell C1, C2,.... CN+1
GoogleSheets::Sheet1!C<sessionCount>count will be maintained in session so if page require to submit/refresh/reopen the page it will continue from where it was left until its opened in new tab