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Location Command

Perform location specific commands

On this page
LocationCommand::reloadForce reloading the current page from the server.
LocationCommand::href::https://getautoclicker.comit will open in same tab
LocationCommand::replace::https://getautoclicker.comIt will open this page without maintaining history so when you click back you can come to this page again
LocationCommand::assign::https://getautoclicker.comIts similar to you click on link which open another page
LocationCommand::focusIts similar to you focus on window/page
LocationCommand::blurIts similar to you move out on window/page
LocationCommand::printIts similar to you Print (Ctrl + P) out on window/page
LocationCommand::stopIts similar to you stop window/page load
LocationCommand::moveBy::x,yIts similar to move window/page by x and y pixels
LocationCommand::moveTo::x,yIts similar to move window/page to x and y pixels
LocationCommand::open::https://getautoclicker.comIts similar to open page in new tab