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Mouse Events

Perform click events and mouse events using below commands

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MouseEvents::clickIt will click the element.
MouseEvents::dblclickIt will double click the element.
MouseEvents::mousedownIt will trigger mouse down event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseupIt will trigger mouse up event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseoverIt will trigger mouse over event on element
MouseEvents::mouseoutIt will trigger mouse out event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseenterIt will trigger mouse enter event on element.
MouseEvents::mouseleaveIt will trigger mouse leave event on element.
MouseEvents::mousemoveIt will trigger mouse move event on element.
MouseEvents::["mouseover","mouseover","click"]It will stimulate mouse click on element.
MouseEvents::["mouseout","mouseleave"]It will stimulate mouse click on element.
MouseEvents::inputIt will trigger input event on element.
MouseEvents::changeIt will trigger text change event on element.
MouseEvents::["input","change"]It will stimulate text filled and update/change event on element.