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Auto Click / Auto Fill is like a utility extension which helps user to click / fill on any website with by providing few information about the site and the button which they want to click.

Quick start

  • Download extension
  • Go to webpage on which you need to perform click/fill automation.
  • Right click button, input, textarea, or any UI element ,
  • select Auto Clicker - AutoFill option from menu.
    • select ★ Configure for this Field
      • You will be redirected to configuration page of extension, with pre filled value
      • URL of webpage
      • Element Finder of UI element.
    • select ☉ Auto Clicker (Record) options
      • Extension will track all your actions and create configuration for you

Additional (Advance)


Stay up to date on the features of Auto Clicker - AutoFill and reach out to the community with these helpful resources.

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