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The <sessionCount> parameter plays a crucial role in managing the value field within our system. This count increments each time the page is refreshed, whether manually or through form submission. You can access the current <sessionCount> using the <sessionCount> variable.

SessionCount Initialization

A <sessionCount> starts with a count of 1 when a new tab is opened. Each tab maintains its own <sessionCount>. Therefore, if two tabs are opened, each will have its own independent <sessionCount> starting from 1.

Resetting the SessionCount

To reset the <sessionCount> back to 1, you can pass the query parameter clear-acf-session=true in the URL. This will clear the current session and start a new session with a count of 1.


Starting a SessionCount from a Specific Number

If you need to start a session from a specific number, you can pass the query parameter acf-session-count=number in the URL, where number is the desired starting session count.


To start a session with a session count of 5:

By using these query parameters, you can easily manage and control session counts as needed for different use cases.


  • New Tab: Each new tab starts with a <sessionCount> of 1.
  • Reset Session: Use clear-acf-session=true to reset the session to 1.
  • Set Specific Session Count: Use acf-session-count=number to start the session from a specific number.

Ensure to replace the base URL with your actual application URL when implementing these query parameters.

This documentation provides a concise guide on how to manage session counts effectively in your web application.